How to NOT Go Insane Without a Partner and Money

There are a lot of misconceptions of single people, especially single women. We’re “easy” and men are “players”. The mutual connection seems to be that we are all “immature” since we can’t find a partner and manage our finances. WRONG. We just have higher standards than the regular person who will get divorced by 35, have a second marriage (if lucky) by 45 and then finally end up alone because too much drama. Sometimes you even might end up alone because of a tragedy, your partner fell ill etc., so NEVER judge without getting your facts right. People who NEED to be in a relationship, instead of wanting one, do not make the best partners. They aren’t independent and are super judgemental. They are the type to cheat too, because they value having a relationship more than the actual person they are with. I have met some of these cheaters and their personalities are weak. Weak people can’t be alone, so they pick whoever man/ woman they find and it ends up in a disaster. Being single really sucks sometimes, but I guess the bright side is that it makes you a stronger person and not many people have the mental strength to do that. Married people who cheat are the weakest people and they also love to judge singles like there’s a reward for it. Now you know WHY they judge you though, you are mentally stronger than them and they can’t stand it.

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