How to Date Glamorously When You’re Living Within a Budget

How to Date Glamorously When You're Living Within a Budget
Try to control your psychopathic tendencies when meeting a new love interest. Don’t worry, this is fake blood from Halloween. Photo: Sonia Jain

Dating is a challenge in any situation, especially finding THE ONE, when you’re already in your 30s and get pressure from all directions to start a family and settle. Unemployment, however, will crush your self-esteem into tiny little pieces. Especially when you have worked hard your entire life and done everything by the book, got your degree, work experience etc. Don’t fall for despair though. Here are some of my tips for dating when you are unemployed, don’t have many supportive friends around and are looking for a relationship. These twenty dating tips (10 Do’s and 10 Dont’s) with a twist of sarcasm are all based on my OWN real life personal experiences and can be used by both women and men:

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