The Age Old Question, Can Women and Men Be Just Friends?

This is an age old question that has people divided. Can heterosexual men and women be just friends? I have seen many interviews, read articles and discussed with both men and women about this topic. The answer seems to be clearly divided. Many men think they can’t and women think they can. 😃

What about your work colleagues, your neighbor, landlord, lawyer, gardener, doctor. You can’t talk to any man or a woman if you are single without them immediately assuming you want to date them? And when in a committed relationship, your husband expects you to choose only female doctors, co-workers, friends or the opposite if you’re a man? These are not normal people who assume these things, they are delusional people with abnormal fantasies. I have been single almost my entire life and most of my friends have been men, simply because so many women find me annoying. Hah.

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