Sipping Vodka Won’t Help You Find a Quality Partner

Alcohol is not the key to happiness. No matter what some people claim. 😉 It attracts garbage people. Quality women and men want a stable spouse. I’m 35 years old now and I’ve realized after several dating horror stories that being drunk at a nightclub attracts exactly what you can expect from being drunk at a nightclub. 😆 For my misfortune, I also grew up in a country where heavy drinking is part of the culture.

In your 20s it’s fun, going out, getting drinks and socializing with good-looking party people. When you hit 30, however, you want to get serious. I decided that this sipping vodka here and there thing won’t get me anywhere else than on a lame coffee date with a loser.🤣

Here’s a quick list of why alcohol isn’t necessarily the key to a “happily ever after” (even though some Hollywood movies romanticize drunken encounters that lead to marriage):

  1. Alcohol doesn’t give you more confidence. Some women and men think that drinking a few glasses of wine will gain you confidence to approach that hot crush, but what happens if that hot crush hates alcohol? 😄 Also if you’re too shy to approach people sober, what are you going to do? Be drunk every time you meet your crush? 😅
  2. Drinking doesn’t attract Harvard people. I will never forget the disappointment on a Harvard- educated man’s face (who ended up in Finland for a work trip for a few months), when he saw me drinking cocktails and wine.😖 The first time we met, I drank non-alcoholic drinks. So he had high hopes for a quality lady but apparently a few drinks ruined it for me. Oh well. 😖
  3. Sipping vodka attracts LOSERS! From my experience, drinking attracts the biggest party animals, cheaters, liars, players, man-children and alcoholic losers. 😂 Not the best pool of men (or women) to find a stable spouse from. 😅
  4. You might not remember who you spoke to when you were drunk. So how do you expect to marry that man/ woman one day who you don’t even remember how you met. 😄
  5. Avoid people who don’t take a NO for an answer for drinking. My Finnish college friend invited me to his party and the only way they would stop pressuring me into drinking was when I told them I came by car. If I didn’t, simply “I’m not in the mood for vodka” wouldn’t have been acceptable answer for these people. Same thing happened in a Finnish tech company I worked for. At company dinner, everyone was drinking vodka shots as aperatives and I refused to drink one. One woman from the Sales department got pissed off and said “Is this really the time to become an absolutist?!” LOL. 😅 I have moved on from that friend circle AND that crazy company. I decided it’s better to spend time alone than with the wrong people. Even if it means scrapping for pennies for food and sitting home alone with my cats on a sexy Saturday night. 😂 🤷🏽‍♀️
  6. Don’t drink to reduce anxiety. The Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in many people getting the urge to drink to pass time, help them relax and to reduce anxiety. It’s only a temporary relief though, so it’s better to exercise and talk to supportive friends. If you don’t have supportive friends, talk to your cats, dogs, kids or randoms online.
  7. Men who drink are more prone to domestic violence. In 2006, the World Health Organization published a report on the link between alcohol and domestic violence. “Strong links have been found between alcohol use and the occurrence of intimate partner violence in many countries. Evidence suggests that alcohol use increases the occurrence and severity of domestic violence.” (Source: So even if you go out drinking together with your man and have the time of your life, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will always be fun if alcohol stays in the picture. Women can also have alcohol problems though they are less likely to become violent. They tend to become depressed and irritable which isn’t good for a relationship either.

I decided to quit alcohol when I was sipping wine and vodka alone at home during Coronavirus lockdown and realized that I really need to find healthier ways to manage my stress and loneliness so I don’t have to sit at home alone in the future anymore! 😂 😅 Moving to a new country would help in many ways, but in the mean while, if you have any stories related to alcohol, would love to hear them! Send me an email or a message from Contact page.

Sipping cocktails with your friends can be fun, but if you want to attract a quality man or a woman to start a family with, the “drunk you” won’t attract them. Photo: Sonia Jain

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