What to Buy When Your Weekend Budget for Grocesories is 20€ ($23,60)

So my weekend budget is 20€ ($23,60). 😃Which groceries did I buy and did I leave any money to go out?

Here’s what I planned before I went to the supermarket and what I bought for the whole weekend for myself and my cats:

  1. Plan your meals for the whole weekend. Breakfast, lunch, dessert, dinner, drinks and evening snacks.
  2. Salad, carrots, cucumber. I had potatoes, tomatoes, onion, olive oil, salt, and two cans of kidney beans at home. So all these ingredients together will make a salad of 3-4 portions.
  3. Crispbread. I use crispbread as crutons for my salad and you can also eat it with butter as breakfast. If I make soup, crispbread is perfect to crumble on top of it or eat it with butter with your soup.
  4. Cat food. My two cats share one 80g wet food portion per one meal, sometimes 50g portion. If you don’t have cats, use that money to buy food items that last for a long time and can be used for a variety of dishes, such as canned beans, tomato sauce, pasta, noodles, rice.
  5. Flavored tofu. It doesn’t need any extra sauce, just maybe onions and some soya sauce. Serve with rice. One tofu package makes two meals.
  6. Soya milk. I mix it with my coffee, cereal, smoothies and protein powder mix.
  7. Frozen mangoes. I had bananas in my fridge, so I can make 2-3 smoothies (5dl/ 2 cups per smoothie) with one frozen mangoes package, two bananas and soya milk.
  8. Flavored sparkling water 1,5l and one ice cream. Everyone needs a treat and 1€ ($1,18) vegan ice cream is great when you’re on a budget. Since I quit alcohol, I started drinking flavored water and it’s a nice refreshing tasty drink with low sugar.

I spent 19,00€ ($22,48) so I have some change left for another dessert if my sweet tooth aches again this weekend. No money left for partying, but it’s ok since Helsinki nightlife is super BORING and small scale compared to NYC. 😂 Anyway, happy weekend everyone!! 😃

Glamorous Sonia’s weekend salad within a budget. 😉🥗💰Photo: Sonia Jain

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