The Best Places to Meet People for Long-Term Relationships

COVID-19 has made dating a bit tricky, but the good thing is you get to know your date well before getting serious. (Photo by Gustavo Fring on

Gyms, nightclubs, bus stops, friends or family?? I have collected a list based on my OWN social circle where my married friends or people in long-term relationships found a partner. Some of them are also where I found a boyfriend, though they didn’t last LOL. So I’m emphasizing my highly educated social circle who are married or in a long-term relationship with kids and shit.😃 So I can’t vouch for everyone to find a partner from these same places, but they if you need ideas where to start looking, here are some good options:

  1. Forget about Tinder. I never tried it and never will. Everyone knows it’s only for sex.😆 Check paid dating sites with serious people. Our old family friends from the States have a son who went to Yale University and he found his lawyer wife from
  2. Newspaper ad. The Tinder of the 80s, lol.😂 My parents met through a local newspaper ad when they both lived and worked abroad in the 80s in Israel.
  3. Work. My sister met her husband at work and they are married with two kids now. I also met a cool guy at work once and had a couple of dates with him, but like most cool people, he left Finland for a better job and a more international atmosphere.😫 The key, however, is that after you start dating, go work in different companies. Even an ex-colleague of mine told me my job was previously held by his wife, but she left the company for another job after they started dating.
  4. Friends. I met my first boyfriend through friends when I was sixteen. I asked my friend if he knows any hiphop/breakdancer guys and he invited me to a party where I met my first boyfriend and it’s actually my longest relationship so far, 1,5 years. Lol. I’ve since him met other guys through friends, sadly many of them, again, left Finland. I would suggest though to make friends with the people who you are interested in dating. If you want to date a football player, find football player friends to hang out with or if you want to a date model girl, find guys who date models. Don’t try to befriend female models directly as a guy (too obvious), just find the guys who already hang out with them or their non-model female friends. Two of my high school friends married men they met through our mutual friend group. Also, many of my sister’s friends found husbands through friends.
  5. Family. Don’t underestimate your family. They know you well and what you like and dislike. As long as there’s no hidden hostility, you should at least try to go out with their pick. My dad picked a perfect man for me once, but unfortunately the perfect man didn’t want me. Oh well, next. 🤣🤷🏽‍♀️
  6. Hobbies, mutual interests. Just like your friends who you hang out with because you like the same stuff, hobbies, volunteer organisations and charities are great places to meet like-minded people. My friend found her boyfriend from a language class. This is also a great way of meeting international people and foreigners if local guys aren’t your thing. I don’t recommend going to talk to a woman at a gym though.😄 It’s a bit of a cliche and I find it disturbing, juvenile and awkward. It happened to me twice and obviously it didn’t go anywhere. It’s a different thing if you approach the woman/ man OUTSIDE of your gym, like in a cafe nearby etc., but most people do not like to be disturbed while looking like crap and working out. 😄
  7. High school, college, university. My sister’s husband’s sister found her doctor husband from medical school. Several of my old classmates started dating in college and ended marrying each other. Though none of my old classmates invited me to their wedding. 🤣😖 My cousin in India married her classmate from medical school and they are both dentists now. My sister from my American host family in Minnesota married our high school classmate a few years later after I had finished my exchange-student year there.
  8. Exchange student semester/ year abroad. Two of my business college friends found love in Paris. One got married with kids and the other one I’m not sure, she lost contact with me. I wasn’t so lucky in my study abroad in Paris, but did meet a very cool French man more than ten years ago in my exchange semester in Berlin. It didn’t develop to anything long-term, but we’re still Facebook friends.

I hope this helps and if you have more places where you met love, I would love to hear them! Stay safe and healthy everyone! 😊

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