What Is a “Real” Man?

Photo by Cesar Galeu00e3o on Pexels.com

Men who say they are “real men” are NOT 99% of the time. πŸ˜† They have a very interesting view in life and how to behave with women. They believe in certain values, yet seem to not implement them AT ALL. Well, their logic is, that only certain women should be protected and the rest don’t matter to the world. So here’s my short collection of “real man” behaviour that is not in my opinion, real man behaviour at all. πŸ˜†

I assume many smart women and men will agree with me. Just think of the exact opposite and you will find an authentic man ready to commit to you or if you are a man, don’t behave like this if you want to marry a nice woman and stay married. πŸ˜†πŸ’ͺ

  1. A “real man” compares women’s looks, judges and trash talks. It doesn’t matter if a hot perfect women gets cheated on too because a perfect body is all women need. They don’t have an explanation why women with perfect bodies get cheated on/ dumped too, because a “real man” doesn’t need to explain himself or his views to anyone. EVER.
  2. He doesn’t answers your calls/ texts and speaks rudely when he does. It’s masculine to be trashy.
  3. He doesn’t respect his mother. “Real men” are not “momma’s boys”.
  4. He gossips about other people’s sex lives. There’s nothing more interesting than talking about random people’s sex lives because “real men” can do and say whatever the fuck they want without any consequences. ☺️
  5. He cheats, lies and steals. Plain and simple. Cheating is “cool” because “real men” get bored easily. Lying is so easy for “real men” so who gives a flying fuck if it breaks the law.πŸ˜†
  6. He doesn’t need to stick to any agreed schedules because “real men” can do whatever they want and women just need to adapt to it.
  7. He LOVES to play juvenile games. Especially after 30 when most men prefer to chill and settle. “Real men” believe idiotic childish games are the only way to get women and once they get the women, they continue trolling until they drive the women mad and on early retirement. Trolling is for “real men”, communication and adult behaviour is for losers.
  8. He eats meat. LOTS of meat. He also despises vegans and spits on their food.
  9. He LOVES to torture others. Mental/ physical tormenting, bullying, physical abuse, verbal abuse, control games and perhaps even killing someone’s pet are “real men” behaviour that makes a man a man. Emotions and empathy are for the weak. Extra “real man” points if you are a nazi and hate everyone except other “real men” AND cause serious physical damage to a woman’s health.
  10. He claims a woman as his own just to make sure nobody else will date her and she will die alone.🀣 A “real man” who claims a woman as his own has actual ZERO interest in dating that woman YET doesn’t want anybody else to date her either because “real men” can claim any woman they want in the world as their own without actually giving flying fuck about this woman. Extra “real man” points if you manage to do that across the globe for seven years to a woman you’ve met ONCE.
  11. He believes women don’t need female friends or ANY friends for that matter. Male friends are even worse because women can’t be trusted around random men without immediately sleeping with them! So isolation is the best tactic for a “real man” to keep a woman in order.
  12. He hates most animals because they are too furry and needy. Ewww pure hearts and emotions. (Check my Douchebag post about cat-haters)
  13. He punishes women for random stuff. Why should women be confident, educated, dress smart and have fabulous hair and make-up?! It only distracts “real men” so better to just destroy everything that makes women confident. πŸ’ƒπŸ½πŸ’ͺ
  14. He puts EVERYTHING else before a woman. Work, friends, randoms. Women need to learn their place and it’s never on the top of the list for “real men”.
  15. He has a super hot and loyal wife/ girlfriend but cheats on her whenever he can to feel like a “real man”, because nothing makes a real man feel better about himself than breaking the heart of hot loyal woman.
  16. He vanishes when things get complicated. Fun is the most important thing, real men don’t need to solve problems, they avoid them. πŸ˜„
  17. He is egocentric. “Real men” put their own feelings and needs before a woman’s any time.
  18. He listens to PSYCHOPATHS for dating advice! Psychopaths are “real men”. The less hair on their scalp and the crazier the advice, the better. Online dating experts who advice real men how to date are the best thing that happened to these “real men”.
  19. He makes a woman jealous with other women. “Real men” can openly flirt with other women when they are on a date with another one because this is “real man confidence”. Respecting women is for the weak. 🀣
  20. He ignores women. “Real men” believe sociopaths are “real men” and that’s how they should behave too.
  21. He says he knows how women should be treated instead of listening to the woman how she wants to be treated. “Real men” don’t take advice from women.
  22. He doesn’t cry or support a crying woman. “Real men” don’t cry or have emotions. Crying is for losers. Duh. (Check my douchebag post if you didn’t alreadyπŸ™ƒ)
  23. He uses this emoji: 😘.
  24. He believes a “real man” looks a certain way. He will try to achieve this look by any means but will still have a fragile self-esteem hence the “real man” behavior.
  25. He doesn’t understand sarcasm. So “real men” shouldn’t read this blog post. ☺️

Ironically, from my personal experience, like in point 19., “real men” simply can NOT handle being treated the exact same way back they treat women. The society allows men to behave in a rude manner but then doesn’t teach them how to handle their emotions when they meet a woman who doesn’t tolerate their BS.πŸ€£πŸ˜† I’m the type of woman to call people out for their BS, at work, in private life and in general. 80% of men worldwide can’t handle it. In my opinion, these are not real men. Real men protect and respect ALL women regardless of their skin color, religion, age and values. ☺️ ✌️If you have any experience of this type of behaviour, send me a message! 🌸

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