You Can Never Be Overdressed or Can You?

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A funny story about styling came to my mind when a friend posted a joke on Facebook about the Capitol riots in the States. There was this meme that it’s easier to get into the US Capitol than into Berghain, a nightclub in Berlin. 😃

So then I remembered when I TRIED to get into Berghain in 2007 when I was studying in Berlin. Nobody told me how to dress there and I went with a group of students directly from another nightclub. We patiently waited the long line, I was judged head to toe by the bouncer and finally he said NO. I was crushed haha. Until the next day some of my friends told me that you need to wear all black to get in. So I guess I wasn’t cool enough, but lesson learned. Not all outfits fit into all places even when you think you’re wearing a stylish dress. I like to dress well in a classic clean cut style most of the time. It doesn’t unfortunately work everywhere, even though smart casual is supposed to be the “neutral” look for every occasion.

I also learned my lesson when I used to hang out in startup parties. Slush is one of the biggest startup events in Finland and of course they like to party, but weirdly I was also overdressed to their parties too.😄 Startup scene is not the most fashionable scene, because they go for VERY casual looks, such as hoodies, jeans and sneakers, both men and women. It’s not a problem as long as you do your research how to dress to events/ nightclubs/ meetings before hand, because cocktail dresses and suits aren’t safe choices after all. Happy styling everyone! 👗👕🙂

What you’re supposed to wear to Berghain nightclub in Berlin vs. what I was wearing (I bought this colourful Zara dress for less than 30 euros) when I tried to get into the club in 2007. 😄 (Reference:

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