For Smart Budgeting Try to Utilize Everything Free

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When you’re trying to save pennies, utilizing free things can turn out to be very lucrative. Free trials, free parking, free museum entrances, free food (at public events), free (legal) movies etc, just to name a few. Be smart enough, however, to not rip off people who are already broke, such as living for free at someone’s house while earning money for yourself. 😆 You might just end up loosing more money than you saved on your free rent. 😆 I personally don’t like to buy used clothes because nowadays you can great quality for 80 percent discount and I tend to buy last season from outlets. They are brand new timeless classic pieces, but of course not the latest season for the most precise eye, but I don’t mind. Especially with second hand shoes you should be careful, because feet bacteria is more difficult to remove.

So here are some good things to utilise for free so you can spend your money on clothes/shoes instead:

  1. Online trials. Instead of renting/ buying a movie, you can sign up for a 14-30-day free trial for the online provider, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Once you have watched the movie, cancel your subscription before they charge you.
  2. Face masks. Face masks can be expensive, but in public places, such as health centres and some schools you can get some for free. Check also your local library.
  3. Beauty treatments. Spas and beauty salons can sometimes offer free facials, massages and other beauty treatments as an introduction to their salon. They often advertise on social media.
  4. Haircut/ hairdo. My friends used to go for hair modelling a lot when we were 16-25 years old. They do your hair for free, just make sure you don’t leave the cat walk with bright red or orange hair.😝 Some salons don’t require professional models or model hight, check with them first.
  5. Coffee. Many places offer free coffee, especially at events and trade fairs. Nespresso boutiques are great because they have good quality espresso and a comfortable place to sit and enjoy your free sample coffee. I noticed that some student cafeterias have very expensive coffee, so go for the free coffee whenever you can.
  6. Business consultation. Many consultants offer free 30-60min sessions to introduce and sell their services. Pick the most suitable for your needs, such as coaching for entrepreneurship or personal branding.
  7. Workspace. Many startup hubs and co-working spaces can actually offer free meeting rooms and space for a couple hours. Do your research and check with big corporations first such as Google, IBM and Microsoft.
  8. Internet. Libraries, startup hubs, and railway stations are a better option than cafes, so you are not obligated to buy anything.
  9. Online courses. If you’re unemployed or just looking to change careers, doing some free online courses might be a good start. For example, Google offers free digital marketing courses with a certification and some prestigious universities also offer free courses. Define first what you would like to pursue.
  10. Books. I don’t read traditional books anymore, but for traveling it’s a safe choice when you’re unsure of Internet connection. You can get free books from bus stations, libraries, vintage book stores, second hand stores, online market places, and friends, family and neighbours.

So as a thumb rule, don’t use or rip off ANYONE for free stuff, simply utilise what people themselves offer to you. Trust me, it’s not worth it in the end. 🙂

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