Glamorous Sonia’s Quick and Easy Styling Tips

When I was a student, I had friends who literally had like 50 pairs of shoes and 100 tops and dresses. None of them lasted more than six months however. I have always tried to invest in quality instead of having hundreds of pieces of clothes. Probably also because I have moved A LOT in my life, so I’ve always got rid off extra clothes and never bought too much. I like quality and prefer to own one or two pieces of good quality instead of twenty pieces of low quality. In the end, if you buy 100 pieces of 10 euro ($12) shirts or one 100 euro ($120) shirt, your 100 euro shirt will last longer. Quality over quantity.

So I made this quick post for styling tips, because I was initially supposed to style a female model, but they cancelled on me. Here’s a short list of my styling tips:

1. Invest in quality, you will save more in the end.

My 40 euros ($48) Zara sweater vs. Hugo Boss 199 euros ($240) sweater (on sale 140 euros/ $169). I didn’t buy it though since I’m poor and the smallest size (which I’m wearing) was Large.
I’m wearing a grey wool Hussein Chalayan sweater, a gem I found from a second-hand store. Photo by: Dario Tortone

2. You can find great quality in second-hand stores. If you’re poor like me, you can go bargain hunting in second-hand and thrift stores. Even though I prefer to utilise sales sections and outlets from big brand stores, sometimes you can find amazing gems from second-hand stores. I found once a 200 euro ($241) Hussein Chalayan sweater for 5 euros ($6) in perfect shape!

Don’t be lazy, donate or sell your old clothes.

3. Donate your old clothes to charity if you’re too lazy to sell them online/ second-hand store. I had a roommate from Hong Kong when I was studying in Ireland who was going to throw away in the GARBAGE all her old clothes. So I stopped her and dragged her with me to nearest charity container for recycled clothes. She was surprised this system even exists because apparently in Hong Kong people don’t recycle old clothes.

Your winter shoes should be invisible.

4. Buy neutral color winter shoes. Cute winter shoes that can handle Nordic freezing temperatures (can go as below as -30 Celcius degrees/ -22 Fahrenheit in Finland) is very difficult to find. So buy grey/black to make them as invisible as possible so you can wear any colors and styles you like with them. I see a lot of camel brown winter shoes and they are very noticeable and do not match with colors like green and red.

I’m too short for below the knee skirts.

5. If you’re short, don’t wear below the knee skirts/ dresses. Your legs will look even shorter. I personally don’t think even tall women look good on below the knee skirts. It’s either full length or above the knee/to the knee. I’m 163cm/ 5 feet 4 inch and always wear skirts that make my legs look longer.

Too tight sweaters aren’t cute.

6. Avoid short sweaters. This grey sweater is size M. Otherwise it’s a perfect fit, but it’s too short. Sweaters should be a bit large, because you don’t want to freeze your stomach in winter. 😃 It also looks better if your sweater isn’t too tight.

Here’s a long bronze Finnish Kalevala necklace from my mother. It’s a very simple style that goes with many different outfits.

7. Less is more when accessorizing with jewellery. You don’t want to look like a Christmas tree. There are many posts online about which neckline goes with which type of jewellery. Here’s a quick summary, short necklaces and heavy big pieces with open neckline, long necklaces with closed neckline like I have on the picture.

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