Budget Fashion- Style Icon Julie Kim

Julie Kim is a stylish businesswoman who is comfortable in combining cheap fashion with luxury fashion. Her sunglasses are 10€ from AliExpress and her jumpsuit is from Zara sales for 16€ and heels are Purificación Garcia for 210€. Photo by: Sonia Jain

Who says you can’t combine luxury fashion with budget fashion? Definitely not Julie Kim, a business coach, multiple six digits business entrepreneur with 18 years of experience as a designer and a creative director in the fashion industry. Her own jewellery line, Arium Collection is an elegant but affordable collection of timeless pieces for women with well-paying jobs. The collection is not for budget fashion and penny stretching women like me lol, but as Julie Kim likes to style herself, you can combine luxury jewellery with very affordable clothes.

Julie is wearing a turquoise jumpsuit bought on sale from Zara for 16€, sunglasses from AliExpress for 10€, her leopard print heels are Purificación Garcia for 210€ and her mustard yellow handbag is from Carolina Herrera for 510€. Julie’s jewellery (pictures below) are Love ring from Cartier (left) Ribbon ring (Arium Collection approx 190€, left), mini pearl open ring (Purificación Garcías, 70€), Ría rings (Arium Collection, 180€ x 2pcs in Gold and White Gold). Of course for budget fashion you can just copy the jewellery style and find cheaper alternatives from online stores, such as Jewellery Box. For long-lasting high-quality accessories, however, you have to invest a little, but of course only when you have the budget for it. 🙂

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