Budget Fashion in Estonia with Laura

Laura looks great in everything and this whole outfit cost her less than 100 euros. Photo: Sonia Jain

Laura Pukk is a true style icon for young women worldwide. She is from Tallinn and works in the HR department. She is really interested in fashion and absolutely loves shopping.

Laura isn’t afraid to style herself with budget fashion either. All her clothes and accessories in the pictures cost between ten to 30 euros.

She is wearing:

  • Blouse by H&M, 20 euros
  • Jeans from Zara, 25 euros
  • Bag from MOHITO, on sale 10 euros
  • Shoes (slippers) from Deichmann, 10 euros

Glamorous Sonia will continue to explore more budget fashion with trendy style icons from different parts of the world. Happy shopping darlings! 🙂

Laura’s cute and timeless handbag is from MOHITO in Tallinn. Photo: Sonia Jain

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