Women With Boyfriends Need to Chill

man in gray suit standing beside woman in green dress
Some women with boyfriends are obnoxious and insist on being the centre of attention at parties while their boyfriends are away. The most obnoxious ones flirt with other men while her boyfriend/ husband sits right next to her AND the other man’s girlfriend sits next to him!  Photo by: Juan Vargas on Pexels.com

Have you ever come across women who always seek to be the center of attention, enslave their male friends, keep them single but flirting with them to keep their hopes up while having a steady relationship? Yes, women with boyfriends who just can’t seem to get enough attention at home. Every party, dinner, event, they want all the attention to themselves while their hubbies sit at home and these women have zero concern about stealing the attention away from single women who would also like to have a relationship.

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