Sustainable Fashion with Fashion Icon Aygün

Aygün is a young lady from Kazakhstan and currently studies psychology in Europe. She loves plant-based food and sustainable fashion.

Aygün believes in simple style. She doesn’t like to wear too much make-up or have fake hair color and prefers conservative but elegant outfits.

Sustainability is the future of fashion and recycling old clothes is for everyone regardless their income level. In many Asian countries for example, they consider it as “poor” if you buy used clothes whereas in Europe it’s fashionable to go to thrift stores.

Aygün’s black blazer is ten years old from Mango, beige dress is also from Mango for 50€ and the fanny pack is by Tommy Hilfiger for 60€ on sale.

The black boots are from Dr. Martens, bought on sale for 140€.

Her forest green winter coat is from Stradivarius for 60€. The stainless steel smart watch was 500€ by Michael Kors, and the priceless but dear souvenir bracelet is from Salamanka, Spain where she studied.

The green dress is from Zara for 40€ paired with a blue acrylic sweater, 20€, but she didn’t buy them in the end.

We had a fun day shooting the video and taking cool fashion pictures! More to come from Glamorous Sonia and her stylish friends. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Sustainable Fashion with Fashion Icon Aygün

  1. Refreshing and informative.
    Couldn’t agree more regarding re-selling preloved fashion items.
    I am from Sydney, Australia.
    My speciality was thrifty fashion shopping!
    Will support your creative business Sonia.
    Cheers or should I say “yamas”

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