Glamorous Sonia Gets Microblading Removed

Microblading has become a popular way to enhance your beautiful facial features worldwide. That is of course if the artist makes your brows pretty. If she doesn’t want to do that, it will be an endless years long HUGE mess and a waste of money. This is what unfortunately happened to me because I trusted two Finnish brow artists. I truly believe the second one who “fixed” my brows was a mentally ill scammer. Some women are so insecure about themselves that they simply refuse to do their job correctly BUT also have no problem in charging you full fees! Pathetic much.

Here are some pictures of the time line of my eyebrows.

I was a stupid pre-teenager and plucked my eyebrows when I was 12-years old. Luckily, it wasn’t so bad BUT then a Finnish cosmetologist plucked the rest of them out when I was 17 (2002)! After that abuse they never grew back again. I lived with my horrible eyebrows, once even consulting a plastic surgeon about implanting hair in Finland. He didn’t recommended the procedure but suggested microblading. Eventually, I did then go for microblading, but I did the mistake to do it in Finland! Finnish cosmetologists are extremely unprofessional and jealous. When you look at the pictures above, it would have been so easy to do light hair strokes, but the brow “artist” made a complete mess. I do not recommend to do ANY beauty procedures in Finland. I got the laser removal done in Tallinn, Estonia. Here’s my vlog post about the whole procedure. All in all, I totally recommend the laser removal since it’s scar free, reasonably priced and it works like magic. The only downfall is that you need 3-4 procedures ( each costs 99€ in Estonia) and you have to wait two months for the area to heal between procedures. I do not recommend microblading (at least in Finland). I WASTED 750€ for the scammer woman. I’m still considering to try a Middle Eastern, Iranian or Egyptian brow artist because in their culture they appreciate beautiful eyebrows and work professionalism. If you would like to get more information about my eyebrow disaster, drop me a message. ❤️

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