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Dress for your age is the key. Immature colors and clothes are not stylish. Grey, yellow, red and burgundy have become my favourite colors for outfits and accessories since I turned 30 six years ago. I LOVE make-up, but for an everyday look it’s good to keep it simple. A little concealer goes a long way with your out-of-bed natural hair. 🙂 Grey cashmere sweater was 30€ on sale from Lindex. Photo by: Sonia Jain

Sonia Jain has a MSc in International Business Management. She was born in California, got her Master’s from Ireland and has lived in Finland for the most part of her life. Sonia has worked in tech, food and beverage, gaming, tourism and education fields. She worked in marketing in a small Finnish tech company until she quit and has been freelancing for the past seven years now in Finland.

Sonia has a passion for writing, fashion, good food and traveling. Sonia will give her readers good advice how to deal with difficult people and manage financially challenging situations. You’re also welcome to share your own experiences and discuss about possible collaborations about blog posts with her. Email to: contact@glamoroussonia.com.

Sonia currently offers the following services:

  • Writing, copywriting services
  • Translation services
  • Social media management
  • Event hosting and guest speaker
  • Consultation, styling advice, personal shopper

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If you are living on a tight budget, buying one good quality pair of shoes/ heels can go a long way in styling. Here’s my Michael Kors sandals (bought on sale online) with two totally different looks. The classic beige handbag is also from Michael Kors sale. The trench coat and white summer dress are both from sales in Stockmann (coat 119€, white dress 10€). Photos by: Elisa Sendova and Sulistiany Ichwandi

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