Sustainable Fashion with Fashion Icon Aygün

Aygün is a young lady from Kazakhstan and currently studies psychology in Europe. She loves plant-based food and sustainable fashion.

Aygün believes in simple style. She doesn’t like to wear too much make-up or have fake hair color and prefers conservative but elegant outfits.

Sustainability is the future of fashion and recycling old clothes is for everyone regardless their income level. In many Asian countries for example, they consider it as “poor” if you buy used clothes whereas in Europe it’s fashionable to go to thrift stores.

Aygün’s black blazer is ten years old from Mango, beige dress is also from Mango for 50€ and the fanny pack is by Tommy Hilfiger for 60€ on sale.

The black boots are from Dr. Martens, bought on sale for 140€.

Her forest green winter coat is from Stradivarius for 60€. The stainless steel smart watch was 500€ by Michael Kors, and the priceless but dear souvenir bracelet is from Salamanka, Spain where she studied.

The green dress is from Zara for 40€ paired with a blue acrylic sweater, 20€, but she didn’t buy them in the end.

We had a fun day shooting the video and taking cool fashion pictures! More to come from Glamorous Sonia and her stylish friends. 🙂

Women With Boyfriends Need to Chill

man in gray suit standing beside woman in green dress
Some women with boyfriends are obnoxious and insist on being the centre of attention at parties while their boyfriends are away. The most obnoxious ones flirt with other men while her boyfriend/ husband sits right next to her AND the other man’s girlfriend sits next to him!  Photo by: Juan Vargas on

Have you ever come across women who always seek to be the center of attention, enslave their male friends, keep them single but flirting with them to keep their hopes up while having a steady relationship? Yes, women with boyfriends who just can’t seem to get enough attention at home. Every party, dinner, event, they want all the attention to themselves while their hubbies sit at home and these women have zero concern about stealing the attention away from single women who would also like to have a relationship.

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Are Less Attractive Men More Critical About Women’s Looks than Hot Men Are?

Many unattractive men have low self-esteem and they try to compensate by either bringing women down or dating women totally over their league. What I have noticed is that the less attractive men point out your flaws like there’s a reward for it. I have been called ugly by ugly men. Hot men have not said anything (at least to my face), but the less attractive men have. It’s super funny when you think about it. Since I have never and every single woman I have ever met in my life regardless of how attractive they are, judged/ commented/ mocked men’s looks.

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Vegan Fashion by Glamorous Sonia

Vegan Fashion winter coat by DKNY and winter shoes by Halonen. The Coach bag and Sonia Rykiel scarf are not made of vegan materials. All items except the coat were bought on sale. 🙂Photo by: H. R.

What is vegan fashion? Veganism has become very trendy lately, but it’s not enough to just follow a plant-based diet. To be a true vegan, you also need to wear vegan clothes, not go hunting or torture animals in any other way.

Unfortunately, my vegan lifestyle didn’t go so well because to buy a whole new wardrobe and fresh vegetables every day, is very expensive in Europe. I also like cheese and vegan cheese has zero nutritional values. Vegan fashion is also very new here so it’s impossible to buy good quality handbags from vegan materials.

The last time I visited India, however, I was surprised that none of the local department stores sold leather handbags! Only vegan leather, but they looked very much like authentic leather.

In the picture above I am wearing vegan winter fashion. My white winter coat is by DKNY, bought from Stockmann for 250€ without any animal based materials, such as leather, fur, or goose or duck feathers. Many brands use goose or duck feathers to make their winter coats warm and thick, but the practise of ripping off the feathers of live animals is extremely cruel and painful to the animals. They have to endure it over and over again when they grow back their feathers. They don’t use anesthetics just like in the meat and poultry industry. Animals are in constant pain and misery. Out of all animal based clothing materials, wool is the most ethical though, IF it’s done right. You shave off the thick wool coat of the sheep without causing any pain and the animal feels better without the heavy wool coat. However, wool is still not vegan because it comes from an animal.

My shoes are vegan leather by Halonen, bought on sale for 120€ from Finland. They are water-proof, warm for winter and have good shoe soles for Northern weather conditions.

In the picture below, I am wearing 100 percent cotton sweater by Ralph Lauren. I got a bargain deal from Stockmann and paid only 119,60€ from original price 299€! It had a small hole that I got fixed for 5€. 😀The black cotton dress is from my previous blog post, 10€ from MOHITO. The picture next to me is my sweet Indian grandmother who unfortunately passed away last year. She had amazing sense of fashion. Here she has the pink vegan leather hand bag I bought for her from a department store in the suburbs of Mumbai.

How to Avoid Dating Douchebags

Single life can be challenging in many ways, but there are some positive aspects too. It’s always better to be single than in an abusive relationship. I have managed to avoid abusive relationships by noticing the red flags EARLY on (in addition to my commitment phobia). It might be the reason I’ve been single almost my entire life, but I’ve also managed to avoid traumatic experiences caused by men thus giving me still a glimpse of hope in dating life. 😀

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How to Get Into a Relationship Without Going on a Date?

Dating is complicated and there are too many articles about it and that’s why my blog doesn’t solely focus on dating topics. I write about managing your budget and loneliness when living alone and perhaps you’re also looking for work etc..In any case, most people want to get in to a relationship. The problem is, how to get into a relationship without going on dates when randoms criticise your dating life?

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Glamorous Sonia Goes Budget Shopping in Estonia, Part 2

So Glamorous Sonia continues shopping in Estonia! By the way, just an update for all my readers. I started my blog as ” Glamorously Single and Unemployed” in January 2020, then later on changed it to “Glamorous Sonia”. So my current situation is “Still Glamorously Single but Employed”.😄 So finally found a job so I can afford my budget fashion. 😄 Enjoy my affordable fashion post below:

1. This short bright yellow cotton dress is from MOHITO on sale for 14,99€.

Love this bright coloured cotton dress from MOHITO. It’s mostly for summer weather, but I have paired it with woollen tights, boots and a jacket to survive cold Estonian weather!

2. This 100 percent cotton light blue dress is from MOHITO for only 6€ on sale. I’m also trying on a leather belt by Calvin Klein Jeans in Kaubamaja, price 39,90€.

This 100% cotton light blue dress was on sale for only 6€ in MOHITO and Calvin Klein Jeans belt from Kaubamaja, Tallinn for 39,90€.

3. I got this simple cotton black dress on sale from MOHITO for 9,99€. It’s suitable for many occasions depending how you style it. Here it’s paired with cotton black leggings from MOHITO (9,90€) and black leather boots for cold weather by Remonte (a brand by Rieker, Swiss footwear manufacturer) I bought from Kaubamaja on -20% discount, 112€.

I got this 100% cotton black dress from MOHITO for only 9,99€, black leather boots by Remonte on -20% sale from Kaubamaja.

4. This simple but elegant look is perfect for work. The jacket is 39,90€ from Reversed, dress is from MOHITO on sale for 9,90€, belt by Calvin Klein Jeans for 39,90€, and black leather boots by Remonte/ Rieker on sale for 112€.

Jacket 39,90€ from Reversed, dress from MOHITO on sale 9,90€, belt by Calvin Klein Jeans 39,90€, and black leather boots by Remonte/ Rieker on sale 112€.

5. This cute cotton summer dress is super comfortable and can be worn indoors in winter time too. You can even sleep on it because it’s so comfortable! Also from MOHITO on sale for only 5,99€.

Cute striped cotton summer dress when it’s summer again or I have a vacation! This cute Dress was only 6€ from MOHITO.

6. Versatile dark pink dress for work, parties, traveling, you name it! Again, bought it on sale from MOHITO for 9,99€. Style it with quality shoes, like these ballerinas by Michael Kors.

Cute dark pink paired with light beige Michael Kors ballerinas. Dress is from MOHITO for 9,90€ and ballerinas were on sale for 75€ on Michael Kors online store.

6. These cute sunglasses by MISSONI were on sale for 140€ from Solaris Shopping Mall.

Cute sunglasses by Missoni from Solaris Shopping Mall for only 140€ on sale.

Happy shopping everyone! 🙂👠👞

Men Who Use a Number Rating Scale for Women

Not sure if there are “10s” men or women reading my blog, but I’m most definitely not one according to these douchebags’ scales. These douchebags rate women from 1-10 and there are THOUSANDS of videos online about this.

I had one guy tell me once that he thinks he is an eight. I was just quietly thinking, where does he rate me in his scale? AND do I even want to know? Needless to say, it never worked out.

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Is Associating Jealousy with Love Normal?

A female friend just made a statement about my jealousy issues and I decided to write a blog post about it. She said “you associate jealousy with love and that is NOT healthy”, when I told her that I feel comfortable and cared for when a man questions if I’m really there where I tell him I am and asks to confirm with video or pictures and other jealous behavior. I feel good. Some consider it super unhealthy but I feel like showing jealousy is caring, being temperamental is showing emotions and asking questions and suspiciousness is normal for new relationships.

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Memorial Post for My Dear Mother

RIP Marja-Liisa Jain 6.2.1949 – 27.8.2021. Always in my heart dear mother. Ikuisesti sydämmessäni rakas äiti. ❤️❤️

Here’s my mother with a Russian friend in Moscow where she studied Russian language in the 1970s.

My mother was active in raising social issues and helped her friends in Russia in the Soviet Union era by bringing them Western clothes and food from Finland. She also made sure that her daughters knew about world-wide problems, such as social inequalities, animal farming, and the dangers of processed food and alcohol.

My mother passed away from a serious long-term illness three weeks ago. It’s very hard to put into a few words how someone who gave birth to you, raised you, and taught you your values impacted your life. A mother is a mother, always puts her children’s needs before her own, never appreciated enough, always protecting you, yet always gets blamed. My mother told me “hullu ei huomaakkaan, viisas ei virka mittään” (direct translation: “a fool won’t even notice, a wise man won’t utter a word”) when I always pointed out my flaws to her. She told me that beauty fades so it’s better to educate yourself and feed your mind with good music and books and travel the world and experience life instead of buying material things. She loved classical literature, such as Dostoevsky and Tolstoy and everything about Russian culture including the food and churches. So much so that she studied in Moscow and learned the language and then later on visited for holidays almost every year. Her favourite song was Pomp and Circumstance by Edward Elgar. She loved cooking, baking, and gardening. Her favourite animal of all time was a cat and she made me love cats to the moon and back.

My mother gave birth to me in a hospital in California.

My mother was an educated woman, believed in feminist values, yet loved traditional family values and having a long-lasting marriage with kids. Her dreams came true as she married a loving loyal Indian man and raised two educated daughters despite all the ups and downs our family went through. She loved her pregnancies under the California sun where she gave birth to both me and sister.

My mother fell seriously ill in 2015 and spent her last years in a nursing home and I visited her almost every week until her death. I saw her the night before she died and she smiled with her eyes when I told her some good news that happened to me. ❤️